An extensive and holistic range of Health and Beauty products, combining the best of Asian wisdom and Western technology.

LAC, short for Leader in Anti-oxidative Control, was born in realisation of the market’s need for a powerful antioxidant. True to the brand’s name, LAC’s first product was a patented and original product that contains powerful antioxidant properties. Upon discovering the existence of a powerful antioxidant in the French Pine Bark extract called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidines (OPCs), Professor Jack Masquelier pioneered the extraction and scientific work of this active compound, thus giving birth to LAC’s all-time bestseller-MASQUELIER’s® French Pine Bark Extract. Since then, LAC has expanded to offer 50 exceptional nutraceutical products.

LAC’s core philosophy is to promote the Asian holistic approach to health. We combine the best of Eastern wisdom and Western technology, scouring the world to obtain the best ingredients that each country is renowned for. LAC believes in helping customers achieve balance in life, hence our products are built upon 5 key pillars – Anti-ageing, Beauty, Energy, Immunity and Weight Management.